Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reactive Programming (Lean Coffee)

We had a great Lean Coffee on Reactive Programming today. Our conversation topics included:
  • What is Reactive Programming?
  • Learning: how to explain R.P. to my girlfriend (in 3 minutes)
  • Event driven programming
  • Has anyone used Rx for processing real time streaming financial data?
  • If you wanted to sell the topic of RP to students, what would you start with?

Web Platforms (Lean Coffee)

We did a Lean Coffee for our Web Platforms session today. Conversation topics included:
  • Server-side vs. client-side--is server-side dead?
  • JS frameworks like Angular and Bootstrap are overrated
  • Is iOS/Safari the new IE6?
  • What will keep the web stack alive vs. native mobile?
  • Will the browsers die?
  • JavaScript--or something else to code in?
  • Is WebGL worth investing in?
  • Is JavaScript 1 page app the new Flash (browser in browser)?

Applying Kolb's learningcycle to Org. Dev. by prototyping

The prototype is the collective instrument for understanding innovation. And this change people and that change the organisation (and the way you do your business)

How did YOU break down silo between dev and ops in your organisation?


I've attached the photo of the flip chart on the open space I suggested on "how did YOU break down silo between dev and ops in your organisation"

Rob Sloss.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Security: Privacy & security--rebuilding trust

Here's another Lean Coffee experiment. During this session, we discussed
  • Integrating with multiple IdPs scares me!! Advice?
  • Re: iPhone, etc., fingerprint readers: Do you trust your biometrics to a 3rd party device?
  • What's going to win the race to replace passwords? Mobile, tokens, biometrics, nothing, ...
  • ... and more
Thanks to everyone who participated!

Data: real data science

We experimented with Lean Coffee at this session. Here's a list of topics we discussed.
  • When the data kills a sacred cow, how do we get believability?
  • Individuals vs aggregates
  • How do we know we can trust our data? Do we take accuracy/correctness as a given, when we can't?
  • LiFi: Internet over light
  • ... and more
Thanks to everyone who participated!

Computer Science in Schools with Raspberry Pi

The question was Computer Science in Scools with the Raspberry PI

Attached was the scribbled mind-map recording of the session which was
attended by 5 people

Various ideas from different people from different countries were
Comparing the UK system with the Scandinavian and American systems
generated some interesting ideas on how to proceed.

It was obvious the next generation of computer professionals need in the
UK need more help (& choice), and the group thought that the
introduction of a cheap hands on approach was a good thing. Adoption
some of the ideas based upon 'competitions' between schools was proposed
as a good idea of engaging students as is done in the states on all
areas of science (not just computer science).

Inclusion of the parents in this was mentioned. Without parental support
such ventures it was suggested would not be as successful.